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Entrepreneurs track performance data, create reports, raise money.
Investors track companies, form syndicates, and invest in high-growth companies.
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We're a community, not a platform.

Here are a few ways we're better than the competition, just to squash any rumors.
For Investors
Syndicate with top investors. Follow professional investors with low minimums.
Track your portfolio. We help your companies grow and we help you keep track.
Join a conversation with a VC. It's like a blog you can invest in. Actually, that's exactly what it is.
For Startups
We are one entry on the cap table. You won't onboard hundreds of investors.
We help you grow. We help you track your growth and gain new insights from companies like you.
You don't have to raise money at all. Our tools are helpful for revenue-funded businesses too.
For VCs
We provide access to more capital. And we manage the whole process.
We help increase your dealflow. Investors in your Sidecar become boots on the ground.
We link you to more experts. Our forums help you extract the wisdom and expertise in your Sidecar.

Many ways to invest...

Simply pick what fits you best.

Build a VC Sidecar

Your life is about dealflow and capital. Our life is about dealflow and capital. We should be friends.
Source Deals
Turn Sidecar backers into advocates and promoters of your firm. Manage the dealflow they send you.
Deploy Capital
Investors back your Sidecar, you have extra capital to invest in deals.
Build Your Brand
We help you generate content to build your brand and strengthen your reputation through our investor forums. Think Quora meets VC.

Raise Money, Budget, Track Your Progress

Raise money from a Malartu Fund
Create your company page
Invite your team
Promote your offering
Close investors online

Organizations, gain insight on companies and investors in your network

Track the health of the companies within your network along with investor interest in each listing.
Event Analysis
Measure the impact of your conference or event.
Export the data gathered on companies and investors in your network for use in other programs like CRMs or email.
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